YOUR Mind and Body Project is a 12 week Online Program that will expand your mind and take your health, fitness and life to the new levels!

After years of working and training in the health and fitness industry we noticed that there was something missing. If there are more gyms than ever before, easier access to nutrition information and more awareness around human health, then why do so many people struggle? What causes constant yo-yo dieting, health related diseases and never achieving long term health results? It didn't make any sense.

Until we discovered something!

The missing link to greater health, happiness and life balance is connection to your MIND and HEART and not just willpower and positive affirmations but real, raw and deep subconscious connections that determine results in your health and in your life. 

We believe that everything in life starts with looking after your health and understanding the connection with heart, mind and body. What you think and feel you attract into your life and when you don't feel good about yourself these negative emotions reflect in all areas of your life. 

If this is sounding familiar and you are ready for change then read on....

How you do one thing is how you do everything and we are here to bring awareness on how to change your MINDSET, connect with your HEART and bring about massive change in YOU and YOUR life.

YOUR Mind & Body Project is a program like no other! Designed to help you eliminate the stress & struggle brought on by yo-yo dieting, excessive exercise, stress eating, self sabotage, negative emotions, lack of self love and limiting beliefs.

We have specifically designed the YOUR Mind & Body Project to give you the tools to have more ease and alignment within yourself and finally have the health, wellness, body and energy you have always wanted. It is easy and effortless once you know how. In fact you do know how, and we are here to give you the tools to unlock your true self.* 

This is not a short term fix but a catalyst for positive long term change in all areas of your life.



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Still want to learn more and understand what this project is all about and how it can create massive results and change in YOUR life? Then read on.





I believe that everything happens for a reason and events are put in front of you to learn and grow. There are no failures, only events that you can learn from. When you are open minded and willing to learn, your growth happens at an accelerated pace and I want to share with you some life changing mindset tools that have significantly changed my life. You are reading this for a reason and I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about me. 

My journey started back in 2004 when I decided and committed to a new me. Life was not all roses, in fact it was the lowest point in my life and I made a decision that changed my life overnight. I engrossed myself in the health and fitness industry, first becoming a Group Exercise Instructor, and then a Personal Trainer. I also entered the world of Bikini Fitness Competing and earned a National New Zealand Title as a result. I also met my husband in this new and amazing world and my group of best friends who I still have strong friendships with to this day.

Over time, the act of being healthy, fit and well became a struggle and I was frustrated with the lack of health in my own body. I was exercising regularly, eating a very healthy diet, but I was always sick, stressed out and wasn’t having the best body results. Something had to change!

My nutrition was the first thing to have a massive overhaul and to this day, I still follow an amazing system that has given me my health, wellness and energy back. The second thing changed EVERYTHING in my life and that was working on ME and my inner world. 

I dove head first into MINDSET work and PERSONAL GROWTH and became a Mindset Coach and an Influencer of Positive Change. This new way to BE changed how I felt about myself, my inner wellness and my physical body. For the first time I was having results with so much ease and it felt amazing.

What changed was my MINDSET around my identity, connection to HEART, MIND and BODY, my own internal language, the love for myself and I am now able to give my body the energy it needs from within. I am in control and having the best results of my life.

It is because of this that Lee and I want to share our tools, tips and secrets with you. If you are someone who is stressed out and frustrated with continually not getting health results, your negative emotions are overtaking your life and your just want HELP then you are in the right place. If you are looking for that missing link in your life, then you have found it.*




Firstly I’d like to say thank you, thank you for using your valuable time to take a look at how we can change your life.

It’s extremely important in this process that you trust us and more importantly trust your heart. The heart part his up to you and we will show you how to do that but let me tell you a little about myself so you can confidently make a decision about me. 

My journey in the health and mindset world is a unique one. During my school years I played sport at a high level, this required me to train in the gym as I wasn’t the biggest guy around. After leaving school I was limited on what sports I could play due to my profession as an Airline Pilot, so I engrossed myself in lifting, lifting in all it’s forms, powerlifting, olympic lifting and eventually bodybuilding. 

Bodybuilding and everything about it, nutrition, mindset and competing became my addiction. Over the years I became a sponsored athlete, won numerous events, became New Zealand National Champion and eventually represented New Zealand at an Australasian level. Throughout this journey I found myself digging deep on nutrition and eventually started working towards becoming qualified in the field.

Another unique thing happened to me over the course of my professional career and all those years of bodybuilding and competing………….my mindset changed! I didn’t know it till later in life when I embarked on a journey of personal growth but that ability to win and succeed that got me to that point in time was largely due to my mindset around health. 

YOUR identity and how strong it is, is at the heart of the YOUR Mind & Body Project. Flipping that switch to empower your identity and create the best version of you is what I’m here to do*. 




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* Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are just that, opinions. Results vary with an individuals commitment to the program which include but are not limited to health, wellness and lifestyle changes