Leap of faith

Sometimes you just have to leap before you are ready!

When you have goals bigger than yourself you are never really ready for it. One day you have a dream, a plan and a solid vision and the next thing you know you are living and breathing it but when you started on the journey, were you really ready? 

When I look back on some of the big goals that I have achieved in my life, they all have one thing in common. When I set out on the journey to achieve them, I wasn’t ready or even close to being ready but I decided to commit and I took aligned action even if it really didn’t make any sense at the time.

Now when I look at some of the things that I wanted to do but never did, they also have one thing in common. I was so busy getting ready to get ready, waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for the stars to align, waiting for the money, the perfect time, the perfect health etc. that I didn’t come close to even starting and as a result I missed out on some experiences and opportunities. I’m almost certain that if I just applied the same mindset tools that I use to take the leap of faith I would have achieved them some way, some how. 

A good example is becoming parents! Lets face it, most parents are never really ready for kids, but you do it anyway and you wouldn’t imagine life any other way. In fact, having kids is one of life’s greatest miracles but if we waited until everything was perfect, including finances then the population would be very small now wouldn’t it?

My point is, that if you have big dreams even if they seem crazy or you don’t have the money right now, or you don’t have the time then DO IT ANYWAY and you will find the time and the money will come because if you are 100% in alignment with what you want to do in life then you will find a way and you will find your flow. 

Taking the leap requires 3 key things:

COMMITMENT: commit to your dreams, your ultimate life and commit to investing in yourself. Commitment isn’t commitment without action so when you take aligned action, this is when you are 100% committed to your cause. 

ALIGNMENT: This is the key to ANYTHING that you do in life if you want to have ease and flow. If there is stress instead of flow, struggle instead of ease, then you may not be in alignment with what you are doing. A good way to know if you are in alignment with something is to follow your gut instinct! Your gut or intuition will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

BELIEF: If you don’t have belief that you can do it, then you wont. Belief is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT and if you don’t have belief, then you just need to make a simple decision and choose YES and do the inner work. Belief will raise your vibrational energy and you will attract the things you need in order to live how you want to live. Belief also means having belief that the money will show up! Never once have I had the money sitting there when I have invested in myself. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on personal growth with a baby on the way, then again with a new born is scary, but when you decide what you want, commit to it and just go for it, you will be living your ultimate life before you know it. And yes, the money will show up! Work on your money mindset and your money worries will not exist.

So what are you going to commit to doing today that will enhance your life? 

Better health? More freedom? Finding your life purpose? 

Take the leap of faith and do it like your life depends on it because it does.