Work, Holidays and Gyms

So who out there can honestly say they train or train well when they are away from home or on holiday? Be honest.................I don't!

I'm a pilot, so I'm away from home more than I would like and to be honest you would think after 12 years of it I would be good at training when away for work or on holiday. The reality of the situation however is very different.

I'm currently sitting in Singapore on a 6 day trip something I've done a lot over the last two years. The gym here unlike most hotel gyms is actually pretty good but that's something out of the norm. Hotel gyms have extremes with no real middle ground, take Las Vegas for example. We have holiday there a lot and the gyms are nothing short of top notch, great gear, plenty of weight and new equipment. Then on the other spectrum a hotel in Palmerston North, New Zealand advertised their gym as "user friendly", it was so user friendly in fact that it only had a single bike with no seat. 

When the hotel gym is out the gym gunkie will often search for the local gym hoping to get in on a free trail or a cheap casual pass. This can also back fire as hotels are generally not in areas where there are good gyms or you get stung for casual fees that borderline on extortion. (Recently quoted $47 for a single casual visit in a Singapore gym, needless to say I didn't go)

Now I could ramble on all day about where the best gyms are in certain places around the world or I could get to the point of this post. Actually that said if you are heading away on a trip and want to know about gyms just ask, if I have been there I can help you out.

Anyway, training when away from home can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. The reality is you're probably not going to get PBs with the weights available to you and you're probably going to have to drag yourself into the gym if your on holiday so my advice is. Keep it simple, keep it organized and keep it quick.

Keep it simple: You won't have every piece of equipment you are use to but you will have Dumbbells and you will have free weights and body weight moves. Consider exercises like, push-ups, pull ups, deadlifts, sumo squats, lunges, db curls, tricep kick backs etc. These are all exercises that can be done very easily and with good technique and high reps can get you the desired result, muscle fatigue.

Keep it organized: Check the gym out when you first get to the hotel, that way you already have an idea of what's available and what can be achieved. Have a good idea of what you want to do before arriving and then go to it.

Keep it quick: If you're on holiday or even work chances are there's a lot of other things you would rather be doing or have to do. Give yourself a time limit, say 30 minutes for example and then use that to your benefit. Do circuit type training or even reduce your rest to 30 seconds to ensure the heart rate stays high and your time with the muscle under tension is maximized. It also has the great benefit of acting as cardio so that's even less time you need to spend in the gym.

The reality is folks the last thing we won't to do when we are away from home is train, especially if you're on holiday but the reality is in 30 minutes you can achieve a lot.

If you have some great ideas about training away from home then leave a comment so others an benefit from it. Also if you know of any great hotel gyms then comment as well, it's all great info.