* Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are just that, opinions. Results vary with an individuals commitment to the program which include but are not limited to health, wellness and lifestyle changes

Aaron. P


The big problem with weight loss goals is what do you do after you have reached the goal or the end date on what you are doing.

I was doing my own weight loss project, the goal, to drop from 107kg to mid 90kg inside 90 days. I played a lot of rugby when I was younger and 90kg was my playing weight so I wanted to get back to it. However 30 days in I seriously damaged my shoulder and needed to have surgery to repair it. It was at that point I found the YOUR Mind & Body Project.

Lee and Kalles training and support changed the way I was looking at my goals and allowed me to mentally tap into what I needed to not only get my results but maintain them long term.

I reached my goal of 96kg on the course and anchored in habits that serve me well to this day, allowing me to maintain the weight loss results I achieved and keep my mind strong and focused in every area of my life.

The YOUR Mind & Body Project has been awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants long lasting results in their health and life.*

Aaron, Australia  


Noelene. R


After years of yo-yo dieting, struggling to balance being a parent, wife and a nurse I put on so much weight and hated the way I looked. I struggled with losing weight and keeping it off & that's when I saw the YOUR Mind & Body Project.

It talked about mindset and identity and that was when I signed up. It was the best course I've ever done! I've dropped fat (what's the word again?) grown muscle, maintained & feel fantastic! Im so glad I invested in myself! Ive also used the tools for other areas of my life and wish I had done this earlier! Thanks Kalle and Lee I'm so grateful.*

Noelene, New Zealand